The bus industry in Japan is rapidly changing, and with this change has come a variety of bus types, each with different interior layouts. View the slideshow to see some of the more popular buses.

Interior layouts

Double Decker

This is a two-story bus that boasts a wonderful view. There are plenty of seats, including seats on the first floor. On double-deckers, you’ll find a salon or bar on the first floor with the second floor containing passenger seating.

Super High Decker

This bus, with a view from a high vantage point, is a mezzanine style bus, which has a low driver's seat in order that the passenger cabin extends to the windshield. Passengers can enjoy the expansive panoramic views from large glass windows on three sides.

Large High Decker

This bus is higher than an ordinary bus and offers deluxe seats. Notable about this bus is the oversized luggage area, which is made possible by the elevated position of the passenger cabin, allowing passengers a greater luggage allowance than standard buses.

Large Standard

his is a general standard large-size standard bus, which offers excellent comfort and convenience and is ideal for medium length journeys.

Medium-sized High Decker

Like the Large Standard, this medium-haul offers much the same amenities but with a smaller seating capacity.